Greg Gutfeld: Liberals Are Successful When They FOLLOW CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES (VIDEO)

Greg Gutfeld conservative principles

FOX News host and author Greg Gutfeld explains how liberals who want to be successful, do so by following conservative principles in this new video from Prager University.

Here’s a partial transcript:

Example 1: The Musician

You think all of them are liberals in their personal lives but only a few can actually afford to be. Smart musicians are often the most conservative people on the planet.

Someone has to pay for the gas, the guitar strings and the antibiotics.

When you see your favorite metal band, you can bet that the whole tour is mapped out, not as some hippie-dippie road trip, but as a meticulously planned endeavor to wring every penny of profit out of it.

Gutfeld goes on to cite two more examples.

Watch the video:

Gutfeld is spot on here.

Another category of liberal hypocrites is rich Hollywood leftists.

Where would they be without capitalism?


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