German Police Overwhelmed With Thousands Of FAKE SYRIAN PASSPORTS

daily mail

The mass migration of Syrians into Europe is nothing short of madness so naturally, the left is supporting it. As more news comes to light however, we’re hearing that German police do not even know what to do anymore.

The Daily Mail reports:

Authorities in Germany are powerless to halt the asylum claims of tens of thousands of migrants using fake Syrian documents, MailOnline can reveal.

Officials registering applications have been overwhelmed by the 500,000-plus refugees who have streamed into the country since the beginning of the year.

A huge number of claims for asylum that are supported by passports and identity cards that appear to be false, a police forensic expert has revealed.

MailOnline highlighted the roaring trade in false Syrian documents in September.

The exclusive story revealed how a reporter bought a Syrian passport, identity card and driving licence for $2000 under the name of a real man who was killed in Aleppo.

And Obama and Hillary want to bring this mess here?

Image: (Daily Mail)


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