Gays And Women Should Be The Most Concerned About MUSLIM MASS MIGRATION

ISIS gay man

Muslim and Middle Eastern culture is fine if you’re a straight, Islamic male. For women and gay people, Islam should be terrifying, as pointed out by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopolous.

Yiannopolous writes:

I’m a Gay Man And Mass Muslim Migration Terrifies Me

I’d hate to be thrown off a roof. I mean, imagine if I landed onthis face. But that’s the future Europe and even the US are sleepwalking into if we let wacky progressive hand-wringers keep apologising for radical Islam and calling the rest of us racist for expressing our concern at mass immigration from cultures that care nothing for the rights of women and gays.

You want to see a “patriarchy”? Fly to Riyadh or Tehran. In the former, women can’t drive. (Alright, fair enough, they might be on to something there.) In the latter, gays are hanged, often from cranes in public places. ISIS is even more brutal, hurling fags off the roof after ritually humiliating them. In Raqqa you’ll see women and children sold for a few hundred dollars.

These are the attitudes we’re importing by allowing millions of Muslims to settle in western Europe. Sorry if that sounds intolerant, but remember women and gays aren’t just treated like shit by ISIS, but mainstream Muslim culture, too. I can’t remember how many Muslim countries have the death penalty for homosexuality. What is it, ten? Eleven?

Where’s the left wing defense of gays and women on this issue?



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