FLASHBACK VIDEO: Jew-Hating Islamists Try to Storm Bataclan Club

bataclan theater
The Bataclan Theater was built in 1864 by the architect Charles Duval.

Ba-ta-clan is the title of an operetta (1855) by Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), born Jakob Offenbach in Köln, Germany.

Offenbach was Jewish.


Islamic terrorists may have targeted Bataclan Club in Paris Friday due to its Jewish owners.
However, the club was sold weeks ago to new owners.
des halles mall
At least 100 people were slaughtered at Bataclan Friday by Islamic extremists.
Hat Tip Dana Loesch

In January 2008 Jew-hating Islamists held a violent protest outside the Bataclan Concert Hall.
muslims flip bird
Muslims in headscarves flipped off the camera as they marched to the Bataclan.

Islamists waved Palestinian and Hezbollah flags.
hezbollah flag protest
The angry Muslims tried to force their way into the concert hall.

This was back in January 2008.
The Bataclan was targeted by Islamists for years.

Islamists also protested the Bataclan club in December 2008.

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