FIREWORKS! FOX Host Hasselbeck Hammers Josh Earnest Over Obama, Kerry ISIS Attacks Remarks

An outraged Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck challenged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest in an interview Wednesday morning about the ‘cavalier’ words about the ISIS attacks on France this used this week by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Earnest did the interview from Manila where Obama is attending the APEC summit.

The interview began with Brian Kilmeade challenging Earnest over the Obama’s administration’s weak air attacks on ISIS in Syria.


Hasselbeck brought up Obama saying the ISIS attack last Friday in Paris was a “setback” and Kerry saying the Charlie Hebdo massacre was “understandable” in the context of the attacks last week.

Hasselbeck told Earnest Obama and Kerry were perceived around the world as “aloof, apathetic and quite cavalier about these lives being lost at the hands of ISIS.” and asked if he would seek that the language be changed.

Earnest responded by saying Obama had also called the attacks “sickening”. Earnest then said, “what I would encourage you to do is spend just as much time focusing on the President’s actions as you do on his words.”

Hasslebeck interrupted Earnest to say “His words matter, I have to stop you there. Josh I will stop you there. The President of the United States’ words matter.”

A haughty Earnest pushed back, “So Elisabeth, let me finish my answer. If you want to have me on your show Elisabeth,

Hasslebeck interrupted, “I will focus on my president’s words, Josh.”

Earnest kept talking, “Elisabeth if you want to have me on your show to talk about a serious issue then give me an opportunity to answer the question.”

Hasslebeck rejoined, “I would love for you to answer but I…”

Earnest interrupted, “Allow me to answer by telling you that you should to consider…”

Hasslebeck, “Go ahead.”

The exchanged paused for two seconds then Earnest said, “Elisabeth if you want to have me on the show to talk about something serious as our national security you can ask me a question and I will answer it.”

Hasselbeck, “Josh we’ve played fair before. I’m letting you know that our president’s words matter not just to me, not just to the American people but to those around the globe who are very concerned right now. Our president’s words matter. He called this a ‘setback’, why? Just a setback? Seems cavalier but go ahead and answer the question.”

Earnest then went back to his talking point about Obama’s words and actions.

H/t JWF.

Brian Kilmeade closed the interview asking Earnest about Obama’s plans to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees. Earnest played the ‘widows and orphans’ card that Obama played in remarks yesterday.

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