Figures. Top Mizzou Campus Protest Leader and Social Justice Warrior Is Democrat McCaskill’s Intern

Several Mizzou black athletes announced late Saturday they would boycott all future football games until President Tim Wolfe resigns.
They are upset about the way the school’s president has handled racial incidents on campus and that he defunded Planned Parenthood.

The football players posted a tweet linking arms in protest.
The football team has a losing record this year.
twitter mizzou football

The protesters are upset someone smeared a swastika in feces in a residence hall. They claim they are persecuted on campus.


The social justice warriors also held a protest this weekend in the Plaza 900 Dining Hall during recruiting day on campus.

The protesters interrupted the tours and started screaming in the dining hall.

The protest leader and social justice warrior Anurag Ram Chandran is a Claire McCaskill intern.
These protests ALWAYS lead to a Democrat’s office.
anurag ram chandran

His Linkedin Profile: Anurag Ram Chandran

Legislative Intern
United States Senate
January 2015 – May 2015 (5 months)

– Researched and assisted policy staff on key legislation including the Keystone XL Pipeline and Immigration reform.
– Attended hearings, briefings and panels on behalf of Senator McCaskill’s policy staff.
– Administered all constituent services, organizing weekly “Coffee with Claire” events as well as answering all correspondence.
– Facilitated tours of the Capitol for constituents, providing accurate historical information on the architecture and exhibits.

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