Shock Report=> EIGHT DIFFERENT MIGRANTS Used Same Passport Entering Europe as Paris ISIS Terrorist

Serbian police reported Wednesday eight different migrants entered Europe this year using the same fake passport as one of the Paris suicide bombers.

Paris officials found this passport on the body of a dead ISIS suicide bomber Ahmad Almohammad.
amad nadrh
The migrant passports had the same name, date of birth and place of birth as the Paris terrorist.
Only the photos were different.

Ahmad Almohammad terror
Police released the identity of six ISIS Paris terrorists after the attacks on Friday. “Ahmad Almohammad” was carrying fake papers with him in Europe. (La Temps)


The Daily Mail reported:

The full scale of the trade in false passports that allows terrorists to slip into Europe was exposed last night.

It lets Islamic State fanatics who are bent on murder pose as refugees fleeing war and persecution.

Eight migrants have reached Europe using documents almost identical to those carried by one of the Paris suicide bombers.

He claimed asylum on the Greek island of Leros last month with a fake Syrian passport in the name of 25-year-old Ahmad Almohammad.

In a shocking indictment of the EU’s porous borders, yesterday Serbian police revealed they had arrested a man carrying a Syrian passport which was almost a carbon copy of the one found on the IS bomber’s corpse on Friday.

It had the same name, date of birth and place of birth. The only difference was the photograph. Serbian officials said as many as six other men this year had entered the EU with virtually identical passports.

The discovery has heightened fears that all the documents are fakes made by the same forger in the Middle East to dupe authorities into believing the holders are asylum seekers.

And worse, it has sparked concerns that the bogus papers could be in the possession of jihadists now lurking undetected in the EU’s passport-free Schengen travel zone.

Video was also released of bomber Ahmad Almohammad dancing at a refugee camp in Serbia.

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