FACT CHECK: Obama Claims Only Two Percent Of Syrian Refugees Are MEN


In a ploy to sell the American public on accepting Syrian refugees, Obama is making some inaccurate statements.

AllenBWest reports:

In the wake of the conflict in Syria — as well as the terror attack in France — American citizens are seemingly being lied to about what the facts are here (like that’s never happened before). Those on the left are calling those on the right less than compassionate. President Barack Obama is even mocking conservatives, calling them scared of three-year-olds, orphans, and widows.

Let’s actually take a look at the lies being spread about all of this.

You first must understand that over 70 percent of the people we want to take in believe in and accept Sharia Law. They believe terrorism is warranted in many cases. Yep, this is the norm for them. In fact, in that part of the world, accepting Sharia is not considered a radical concept. In the United States however, killing people for leaving a religion may seem a bit radical. Don’t you think?

We’ve been told ALL of these refugees are from Syria. NOT TRUE. Here is the breakdown per the United Nations:

• 52% Syria
• 19% Afghanistan
• 6% Iraq
• 6% Eritrea
• 2% Nigeria
• 2% Pakistan
• 2% Somalia
• 1% Sudan
• 1% Gambia
• 1% Mali

Nice try, Obama.


Image: (SocialistMop)

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