EXCLUSIVE: Secret Service Investigates Donald Trump Worcester Death Threat

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette chose to not report an online call by a local woman for “Worcester gangsters” to “Kill Donald Trump” in Massachusetts.  
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Donald Trump was given Secret Service protection in October.

Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, held a large campaign rally in the Massachusetts town Wednesday night.

Before the event this threat was posted online.

Kalen Rahim Trump TurtleBoy

The decision to not report the assassination threat against Trump, who just recently was put under Secret Service protection, was told to The Gateway Pundit in a phone call to the City Editor’s desk.

The paper was aware of the threat. No reason was given for the decision not to run the story.

The Secret Service informed The Gateway Pundit by phone Thursday morning that they had investigated the threat and took steps to ensure Trump’s safety in Worcester.

There was no word on whether the woman who allegedly posted the threat to Twitter Sunday night, Kalen Rahim had been arrested.

kalen rahim

The Gateway Pundit reported on the online threat Wednesday night, based on reports by the local blog TurtleBoy Sports.

TrurtleBoy Sports reported in a follow-up article that Rahim allegedly called police to try to press charges against the blog because she reportedly got fired from her job over the online assassination call.

It’s safe to say if this had been Barack Obama, the paper would have reported the story, as would the national media.

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