EVEN AFTER PARIS: Obama Administration Still Planning to Accept Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

Ben Rhodes

When it comes to the Obama administration and Syrian refugees, the terror attacks in Paris didn’t change a thing. The plan to accept thousands of refugees is full steam ahead.

On FOX News Sunday today, Obama’s National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said screening procedures will prevent terrorists from entering the U.S.

Time reports:


Obama Administration: U.S. Will Continue to Accept Syrian Refugees

Speaking on Meet the Press on Sunday, Ben Rhodes said there are thorough screening procedures in place in a process “that includes our intelligence community, our national Counterterrorism Center [and] the Department of Homeland Security.”

At least one person linked to the attacks passed through Greece as a migrant, officials said.

“Let’s remember,” he added, “we’re also dealing with people who’ve suffered the horrors of war, women and children, orphans. We can’t just shut our doors to those people. We need to sort out how to focus on the terrorists that we need to keep out of the country. But I think we do need to do our part to take those refugees who are in need.”

Here’s the video:

This is utter insanity.


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