Donald Trump: Obama is a ‘Threat to Our Country’ (Audio)

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of being a ‘threat to our country’ in response to a question on whether he thought Obama was a threat to national security.

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Trump was speaking to Jeff Kuhner on Boston’s WRKO-AM on Wednesday. The subject came up in the context of Obama’s failure to adequately deal with the Islamist terrorist group ISIS. Kuhner first asked Trump if he though Obama should resign over his mishandling of the Middle East, but Trump did not answer, instead he spoke about Obama’s failures in that part of the world. Kuhner then asked Trump about Obama being a threat to national security. Trump answered that question directly.

(Transcribed by Kristinn Taylor)


12:19 in interview:

Kuhner: “Is, is he a threat to national security? Mr. Trump is, is Obama now a threat To America’s national security?”

Trump: “I think he is a threat to our country.

“I mean he must have some kind of a thing going because, you know when you see that he won’t even call them by their name after attack after attack after attack and it’s always the same thing it’s hatred. It’s hatred. And it is exactly that. It’s ‘radical Islamic terrorism’. And he won’t even acknowledge it. It’s like they’re coming out of uh, Denmark or something. You know it’s–the whole thing is ridiculous, he won’t acknowledge it.”

Here is the video:

Direct link to WRKO page with audio of Trump interview by Kuhner.

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