Donald Trump: Hillary’s Single Greatest Achievement – Avoiding Jail Time for Her Email Scandal (Video)

Businessman Donald Trump weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s campaign tonight on FOX News.
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Trump said Hillary’s greatest achievement will likely be avoiding jail time for her email scandal.

She’s only making it by a thread. What she did is so totally illegal with the emails. And how she’s actually even able to run is hard to believe. And she’s just making it Kimberly by a thread… I don’t think she has the stamina or the strength to run. I really don’t. I’ve seen her. I’ve watched her… Frankly one of the greatest achievements she has ever done, in my opinion, if she escapes the email scandal, which is totally crooked, 100% , she’ve violated so many different laws. If she escapes that it might go down as her single greatest achievement.

Via On The Record:

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