Democratic Poll: Donald Trump Will Be “Hardest to Beat”

It was another PACKED HOUSE for Donald Trump tonight in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Democratic voters believe Donald Trump would be the most challenging candidate to beat in 2016.

31% of Democratic voters say Trump would be the hardest to beat.
In a distant second – 15% say Ben Carson would be the hardest to beat.

CBS News reported:


Far and away, Clinton remains the candidate Democratic primary voters think has the best chance of winning a general election – 76 percent say she does.

But which Republican presidential candidate would be the most challenging for the Democratic nominee? At this point, Democratic primary voters say it’s Donald Trump: 31 percent say he would be the most difficult Republican for a Democratic nominee to beat. Ben Carson (15 percent) is a distant second, followed by Marco Rubio (13 percent) and Jeb Bush (13 percent).

Both Clinton and Sanders supporters view Trump as the Republican that poses the most difficult challenge.

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