Connecticut Democrat Wants to Change RACIST NAMES OF BUOYS


Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is focused on the important issues, like the names of buoys. Yes, really.

The CT Post reported:

Blumenthal urges feds to rename ‘racist buoys’

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has joined the fight to have to the U.S. Geological Survey rename two offensively named buoys in the Long Island Sound off the coast of Branford.

It follows a call by state Sen. Ted Kennedy, who is petitioning the state’s environmental protection agency to change the name of a navigational buoy and rock outcropping off his hometown of Branford shown on maps as “Negro Heads Rocks” and “Negro’s Head Buoy.”

“I think that the times have changed,” Kennedy told Hearst Connecticut Media last week. “Most people in Connecticut would not want a landmark from their state referred to in such a way. It appears it was attempted to be corrected once before from an even more disgusting term.”

On Wednesday, Blumenthal said he sent a letter today to Dr. Suzette Kimball, Acting Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, urging it to rename the landmarks.

Good thing we don’t have any other pressing problems at the moment.



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