College Students Referred To Trauma Counseling Because They Saw A CONFEDERATE FLAG

confederate flag

Cultural Marxism is just part of the Democrats’ new norm and the Confederate flag is the latest symbol that progressives claim causes harm.

MRC TV reports:

Students at a public university are being referred to campus counseling services to deal with the trauma of seeing an image of a Confederate flag on a laptop.

In the email to students obtained by MRCTV, Framingham State University Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Sean L. Huddleston wrote,

A student reported a bias incident today, in which the image of the Confederate flag was displayed on a laptop. Many of you may be aware that last month we received a Bias Incident involving two other students for a similar issue. Although related in nature, the two incidents involve separate parties.

The FSU Bias Protocol and Response Team has been made aware of the incident, and will meet to determine any measures that may be needed to respond to the incident. Our primary goal continues to be to expeditiously address and resolve incidents of bias that impede our progress toward a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

These precious little snowflakes just couldn’t handle the sight of a flag.


Maybe they don’t belong in college.

Image: (MRC TV)

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