Chicago Man Murders Elderly Woman – Steals Her Wedding Rings to Propose to Girlfriend

A jury convicted Raymond Harris this week of murdering an elderly Chicago area woman. Harris beat former nurse Virginia Perillo to death then stole her wedding rings so he could propose to his girlfriend.
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A jury in Cook County convicted a suburban Chicago man of robbing and murdering an elderly Bridgeport woman in order to take her set of wedding rings to propose to his girlfriend.

On November 5, the jury convicted Raymond Harris, 40, of killing 73-year-old Virginia Perillo in the garage of her Chicago Bridgeport neighborhood home in October of 2011.

During the trial, it was revealed that one of the reasons for his robbery was to steal the woman’s wedding rings. It was reported that Harris took the rings to his girlfriend and asked her to marry him.

“We think it’s a little demented, creepy,” Virginia Perillo’s eldest son John said. “Mr. Harris has no morals… All he cares about is himself.”

John Perillo said the verdict brought “legal closure,” but he also said, “there’s never really closure to the whole event. I mean, we’re still feeling the effects of what happened to our mom. There will always remain a gap in our life, and her life was taken away way too soon.”

Another of the victim’s sons, Mark Perillo said that the guilty verdict was “an early birthday present,” as he is to turn 39 on Friday.

The crime was one of opportunity, as Harris just happened to be in the area when he saw the elderly woman arriving home after grocery shopping.

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