Caught on Video=> Concertgoers Flee Bataclan Nightclub During ISIS Massacre

ISIS released a statement on Saturday claiming responsibility for the Islamic terror attacks on Paris Friday night that killed around 127 and wounded more than 200.

The bloody attacks were carried out by eight terrorists employing gunfire and explosives on several locations.

ISIS released an audio promising: “This is just the beginning.”


The terrorists were carrying passports from Egypt, France and Syria.

Video was taken at the Bataclan concert hall during the bloody attack.

People hung out the upper windows trying to escape the terrorists.
Warning: Graphic Video
Terrorists went through the theater shooting concertgoers then blew themselves up with suicide vests.

We Got Some Graphic Footage From Yesterday's PARIS MASSACRE . . . From When The TERRORISTS Attacked The Bataclan Theater!! (It Truly Looks Like . . . HELL ON EARTH)

Posted by Mediatakeout on Saturday, November 14, 2015

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