BREAKING VIDEO: Turkey Shoots Down SU-24 Russian Jet – Muslims Shout “Allahu Akbar” Over Dead Pilot’s Body

Russia’s strongman leader Vladimir Putin was humiliated in Syria with the shooting down of a Russian SU-24 fighter bomber on Tuesday by Turkey near the Syria-Turkey border.

Syrian rebels then claimed they shot down a Russian helicopter on a rescue mission to recover the two pilots.

Turkey claims the Russian plane flew over Turkey and was warned ten times before being shot down by an F-16.
Russia claims the plane stayed over Syria.


Video shows two parachutes deployed:

There are also reports claiming that Syrian rebels shot and killed one of the pilots as he parachuted to the ground. The other pilot was reported captured by Turkmen in Syria.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Syrian Muslims chant “Allahu akbar” over body of downed Russian pilot.

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