BREAKING: Taliban Shoot Down Helicopter in Afghanistan – Capture 13 Afghan Soldiers

UPDATE: Department of Defense says no Americans were captured:

Tolo News from Afghanistan reported on Tuesday that an Afghanistan military helicopter made a hard landing under fire in the Taliban controlled province of Faryab. Three soldiers were reportedly killed.

“Helicopter crash in Taliban area in Faryab claims 3 lives. 15 taken hostage – incl 2 foreign nationals: officials confirm”


There’s more….
Further reports state that 13 Afghan soldiers and two foreign nationals were captured by the Taliban.

It was later reported, but not yet confirmed by the Pentagon, that the two foreign nationals are Americans.

An unconfirmed report says that one American and two Afghan soldiers were killed.

Afghan reporter Bilal Sarwary added details from Afghanistan government sources:

“#AFG Sources in Faryab province tells me, helicopter was flying low in Ghar Tepa area of Faryab province , possibly hit by a Taliban (1/3)”

RPG. The helicopter was forced 2 make an emergency landing in a Taliban controlled area. At least 2 Afghans killed, 17 including 3 (2/3)”

Foreign nationals taken hostages by TB,newly appointed gov of Faryab Sadaat was in another helicopter.Hostages were accompanying new gov 3/3″

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