BREAKING: ISIS Planted Bomb on Downed Russian Plane – Takes Credit in Audio-Video Recordings

The US now believes ISIS or an ISIS affiliate planted the bomb on the plane.

ISIS released audio on Wednesday taking credit for the attack.

224 people were killed in the crash in the Sinai.
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ISIS terrorists say it was a “revenge attack” against Russia.

The latest video shows a Russian-speaking jihadist praising his “Sinai brothers” for “taking down” a Russian passenger jet and threatening more attacks, while both Russia and Egypt say the group doesn’t possess the means to shoot down a plane.

ISIS supporters boast they were trained to take down a plane.

CNN reported:

The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai over the weekend was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter.

But the official stressed a formal conclusion has not been reached by the U.S. intelligence community.

“There is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane,” the official, who is familiar with the latest U.S. intelligence analysis of the crash, told CNN.

Other U.S. officials also told CNN that the analysis is pointing toward the cause being a bomb.

Based on the same intelligence, the U.S. belief is that ISIS or an ISIS-affiliated group is responsible for the attack, the official said.

The British government announced Wednesday that it had “become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device.”

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