Breaking: Costa Rica Arrests Another Syrian With Fake Greek Passport

Another Syrian with a fake Greek passport was arrested in Costa Rica on Thursday.
syrian fake passport
The Syrian woman, with her head covered, was escorted away by police in San Jose. (BBC)

In the past week six Syrian men were arrested in Honduras with fake Greek passports heading to the United States.
five syrians honduras
The passports had been doctored to replace the photographs with those of the Syrians.

The Syrian woman entered Costa Rica on Tuesday.
The Tico Times reported:

Costa Rican authorities on Thursday detained a Syrian woman with a Greek passport, two days after five Syrian men were arrested in Honduras while attempting to travel to the United States on fake passports.

Public Security Minister Gustavo Mata told The Tico Times the woman is likely connected to the five Syrian migrants arrested in Honduras on Tuesday while carrying falsified Greek passports.

Mata said the woman was detained in a hotel in the center of San José, Costa Rica’s capital. She had been staying at the hotel since arriving Tuesday.

“We received information today [Thursday] of a woman with the same physical description as a person who entered the country two days ago on a Greek passport. We have her in custody and are transferring her to the Prosecutor’s Office,” the minister told local Radio Monumental.

A ministry spokeswoman told AFP that police had been alerted to the woman’s presence here by the owner of the San José hotel. Her name has not yet been released to the press.

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