BREAKING: Active Shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs – 3 Officers Injured

There is an active shooter situation at the Planned Parenthood offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The shooter was reportedly firing at cars near the Planned Parenthood.

Report: Three officers are injured.

The shooter has barricaded himself in the building.
Two officers may have been shot.


One officer has reportedly been shot.
Zero Hedge reported:

If there are two things that could unleash progressive hell across the nation, it is the combination of “active shooter” and “Planned Parenthood” in the same sentence, which is exactly what happened moments ago.

Moments ago the Colorado Springs police responded to a call of an active shooter in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood clinic, adding that the area has not been secured, the department said.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said fire crews were called in to assist for reports of a possible active shooter and fire at the Planned Parenthood address at 3480 Centennial Boulevard.

The shooter may have fled into the woods?

They have the street blocked off.

UPDATE: KKTV has livestream from the incident.

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