Breaking: Officials Search for 8th Paris Terrorist Saleh Abdeslam in Belgium (UPDATED)

French police captured the 8th Islamist attacker connected to Friday’s deadly attacks.
Saleh Abdeslam is the brother of ISIS-linked killer Ibrahim who took part in the slaughter.

Saleh Abdeslam, 26 years old, was born in Brussels.

Police flushed him out with tear gas.
abdeslam capture
Drama: Terror suspect arrested in Belgian suburb of Molenbeek after a raid to find Paris terrorist fugitive Salah Abdeslam – dubbed the world’s most wanted man. (Daily Mail)


Police flushed Abdeslam out of a safehouse in Belgium.
He came running out of the building with his hands up.
The Daily Mail reported:

Paris terrorist fugitive Salah Abdeslam – dubbed the world’s most wanted man – is believed to have been arrested by Belgian police in a raid on a safehouse in a suburb known as the ‘jihadi capital of Europe’.

Dozens of heavily-armed police and special forces rushed a flat in Molenbeek, Brussels, as they hunted for the 26-year-old – one of three ‘blood brothers’ believed to be at the heart of French massacres where 129 people died on Friday.

Abdelsam has been the subject of a vast international manhunt but incredibly he was stopped and then released by French police guarding the Belgian border hours after the attacks.
It appears the terror suspect, believed to be a getaway driver and potential shooter, went into hiding in Molenbeek, where the eight-strong ISIS terror cell may have met before the Paris raids to gather automatic weapons and suicide vests.

Huge numbers of armed police and special forces in balaclavas and carrying machine guns surrounded a top floor flat in the area this morning.

Special forces were seen climbing down from the roof with one witness saying he dropped tear gas through a Velux window to flush out a suspect who came out on to a balcony with his arms up.
A hooded man was handcuffed and put in a car by plain-clothes police – the Belgian media claimed this man was Salah Abdeslam but the authorities have not confirmed this.

UPDATE: This may have been a false alarm. Authorities are still looking for Abdelslam.

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