Black Republican Jasmine Wells Spoke Out Against Mizzou Race Activists – Now She’s Being Harassed (Video)

Back in October liberal students at Mizzou defaced a statue of Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson and demanded its removal from campus. They said Jefferson was a racist.

The College Fix reported:

Some students at the University of Missouri called on administrators to remove a statue of founding father Thomas Jefferson, suggesting in a petition and during a recent protest that the campus sculpture is offensive, oppressive, and celebrates a “racist rapist.”

The Mizzou College Republicans responded by rallying around the statue and starting their own petition to keep the statue.

Signatures on that petition far surpassed the number of signatures on the removal petition.

When the race activists on campus saw that one of the College Republicans, Jasmine Wells, happened to be a woman of color, they began to deluge her with hate via social media.

The intolerant leftists did the very thing they claim to be fighting against.
They attacked Jasmine with racist taunts simply because they disagree with her and she is conservative.

Uncle Tom
chocolate drop

Stockholm Syndrome
stockhom syndrome

Unlike the #ConcernedStudent1950 activists, Wells did not cry victim or respond with a hunger strike. She simply retweeted the hate to point out the hypocrisy. The race activists hated that.

Ms. Wells spoke to Adam Sharp from The Gateway Pundit on Thursday night in Columbia.
Jasmine Wells insists she is not a victim.


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