BIG GOVERNMENT: Obama Has Staff of Twenty People Running His New Facebook Page

Obama Facebook

President Obama launched his own Facebook page today and he’s got a staff of 20 people to run it for him. Talk about big government waste.

The New York Times reports:

Obama Starts Personal Facebook Page

The leader of the free world now has a personal Facebook page, and more than 45,000 people clicked “like” on it in the first hour it was live on Monday.

It seems unlikely that a man whose daily schedule often includes meetings with world leaders and briefings on national security will have much time to post pictures of his meals or comment on pet photos. But as The Times reported this week, Mr. Obama now has a 20-member social media team at the White House that aims to bring more spontaneity and accessibility to the presidency, a position that has become highly choreographed and constricted in modern times.

“President Obama. Public Figure.” That is what the new Facebook page says, its birth announced just after 1:21 p.m. Monday on The White House Twitter account.

Naturally, he used the occasion to talk about climate change. Notice that he calls the backyard of the White House “his” backyard.

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