AP CAUGHT IN LIE=> Headline Reads “Trump Says Torture Works” — Here’s What Trump REALLY Said (Video)

Donald Trump spoke tonight to a packed house of 12,000 supporters in Columbus, Ohio.

Trump spoke out in favor of waterboarding.
Here’s how Jill Colvin at the AP reported on it – “Trump Says Torture Works”:
Trump says torture works, supports more aggressive methods
trump torture

That is a lie.
Here is what Donald Trump actually said:


Would I approve waterboarding? I said, “Well let me ask you a question. On the other side, they’re chopping off our young people’s heads. And they put them on a stick. On the other side, they build these iron cages, the put twenty people in them. And they drop them in the ocean for fifteen minutes and pull them up fifteen minutes later.” Would I approve of waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. Don’t fool yourself folks. It works!

Of course, the crowd loved it.
Here’s the video clip:

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