ANOTHER MASSIVE CROWD Greets Republican DONALD TRUMP in Ft. Dodge, Iowa

Donald Trump held another MASSIVE RALLY tonight in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Hundreds lined up to see Trump at Iowa Central Community College—

Here’s the video…

Fort Dodge is a lovely community in north central Iowa.


Radio Iowa reported:

Republican candidate Donald Trump tonight said “the gloves are a little bit off” now in the presidential race and he described Marco Rubio, a rising Republican rival, as “not tough enough to be president.”

“People now are getting a little rambunctious and that’s a good thing,” Trump said at the start of a two-hour appearance before a big crowd in Fort Dodge. “…We will talk about…some of the different candidates.”

Trump called Rubio “weak…like a baby” on the issue of immigration. Trump has proposed sending undocumented immigrants back to their home countries and he warned the U.S. economy will suffer if they’re allowed to stay.

“If you cross the United States border illegally you get a job, you get a driver’s license — you know that’s true, you get food stamps, you get a place to live, you get health care, housing, child benefits and, in many cases, education,” Trump said. “You wonder why we’re a debtor nation. You wonder why our country’s going to hell. You look at that.”
Trump suggested Ben Carson is “an enigma” and Trump hinted he was heading into a showdown with Ted Cruz, although Trump didn’t specify on what grounds. Trump also blasted commentators who’ve said he turned in a “low key” performance in Tuesday night’s prime-time debate.

“I say, ‘Low key?’ I’m screaming at Kasich, right?” Trump said, to laughter and scattered applause the grew louder as he continued. “I’m telling Carly whatever-the-hell-her-name-is Fiorina, I’m saying: ‘Will you stop cutting in?’ No, everybody that talked, she cuts in, cuts in. You know, I’m raising my hand. I’m trying to be a gentleman.”

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