Angry Leftist George Lopez Stars in Tasteless Anti-Trump Ad for Funny or Die (Video)

In 2010 leftist comedian called Sarah Palin a “b*tch” and said she was special needs.

In 2012 leftist George Lopez went on a vulgarity-laden rant during his HBO special. He attacked “f-cking Latino” Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and “f-cking” Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Now George Lopez is bashing Donald Trump.
Lopez stars as Donaldo Trumpez, the Humpty Trumpty Republican presidential candidate, in the latest Funny or Die weekly release.
george lopez trump
Lopez bashes “lazy Americans” and Donald Trump in this five-minute long tasteless screed.


It’s supposed to be funny but comes off as angry and bitter.

Donaldo Trumpez (George Lopez) hosts the popular Mexican version of Saturday Night Live, “Noche De Såbado En Vivo”. Can this Super PAC fueled Republican primary race prevent Humpty Trumpty from having a great fall?

Donaldo Trumpez (George Lopez) hosts the popular Mexican Saturday night sketch show "Noche De Såbado En Vivo."

Posted by Funny Or Die on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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