Angry Feminist Makes Sourdough Bread With Her Vaginal Yeast – Posts It Online

What a lovely girl.
angry feminist

Angry Feminist, Anarchist, Queer woman decided to make bread from her yeast infection.
Then she posted about it online.
Via Mashable:
(Warning on language – content)
yeast bread

Then she wrote about it on her blog – with the recipe.


I am making sourdough. I started the starter on Saturday afternoon, and it’s reached the point where it smells kind of yeasty, and now it’s looking like this:
bread dough yeast feminist

It’s caused quite a lot of visceral horror, because I bunged something a little bit unconventional in the starter: yeast from my vagina. Here’s my recipe, so you know:


1 small Greek coffee-sized cup of plain flour
1/2 small Greek coffee-sized cup of water
As much vaginal yeast as I could scrape off a dildo I put in my vagina–my estimate is that there was about as much of it as would lightly coat a single tine of a fork, and no more.


Mix the ingredients together.
Cover in foil, leave
The next day, “feed” it 1 small Greek coffee-sized cup of flour, 1/2 small Greek coffee-sized cup of water.
Cover it back up
Repeat the feeding
idk what I’ll do next, I’m only on the third day.

I really hope that girl does not work in the restaurant business.

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