Climate Change Protesters Trash Memorial To ISIS Paris Massacre

Guest post by Aleister

Climate protesters Paris

Paris just suffered a major terror attack and families are still mourning victims, yet some climate change activists just stomped over a memorial.

What is wrong with these people?


Anarchists in Paris attacked police Sunday one day before the Global Warming junk science summit.
anarchists paris

The anarchists hurled candles from the street memorial set up to remember the victims of the ISIS Paris attacks.
ISIS slaughtered 132 innocents in Paris earlier this month.

Twitchy reported:

Violence erupts in Paris as climate protesters trash memorial for terror victims [photos] #COP21

Over 200 people were arrested earlier today in Paris when protesters on hand for the COP21 global warming talks turned violent and trashed a memorial at the Place de la Republique for the victims of the terror attacks earlier this month.


Here’s a related video:

Why do so many environmental activists seem like they’re really just at war with cops?

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