In Radio Interview Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel Is Asked to Acknowledge His ‘White Male Privilege’ (Audio)

Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel held his first interview Tuesday after tweeting out his support for the Concerned Student 1950 social justice group on Monday.

On Monday Coach Pinkel tweeted out that the Mizzou football team stood as one.

Coach Pinkel went on with Kevin Kietzman of Sports Radio 810 for his first interview since the threatened boycott by his players. Kietzman absolutely grilled the Mizzou coach for the stand he took in support of the campus social justice warriors. Info Blizzard reported on the contentious interview.


Kudos to Kietzman for this amazing interview!

The interview got awkward really quick.
Pinkel was very upset.

Kietzman asked Pinkel what he thought of the university leaders, who hired him, being forced to resign. Pinkel would not answer.

Kietzman continued: What do you think about your defensive end saying, “All the athletes across the country now have the power to do this.”

Gary Pinkel: “That’s his opinion, yes.”

Kietzman: Do you think this will happen at other schools? Is that a good thing?

Pinkel: No I think it was extenuating circumstances.

Kietzman: Unique to Missouri?

Pinkel: No, what happened.

Kietzman: OK, do you think this could happen at other places?

Pinkel: Well, I would like to hope not. Hopefully things will get solved so you don’t have to do things like that…

Kietzman then asked Pinkel if he will renounce his white privilege.

Kietzman: The group your players were supporting asked for the resignation of Tim Wolfe and they wanted him to acknowledge his white male privilege. If someone asked you to renounce your white male privilege would you think that that was racist?

Pinkel: I, I’m not aware of any of this.

Kietzman: You’re not aware of Tim Wolfe…

Pinkel: I’m not aware of that. I’m not going to answer that.

This was amazing radio.
Pinkel cancelled his remaining interviews for the rest of the day.
The interview is seven minutes and it is great from beginning to end.

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