1 in 5 British Muslims – or More than 500,000 Muslims – Sympathize With ISIS

One in five British Muslims sympathize with ISIS.
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There are roughly 2.6 million Muslims in England. So, according to this poll, over half a million British Muslims sympathize with the Islamic State.

The numbers are even higher for Muslim youths supporting ISIS.
The Sun reported:


NEARLY one in five British Muslims has some sympathy with those who have fled the UK to fight for IS in Syria.

The number among young Muslims aged 18-34 is even higher at one in four.

The figures emerged in our exclusive poll conducted after the Paris atrocities led by French and Belgian jihadis returning from the war zone.

Prominent Muslims said the poll was a wake-up call.

Labour London Mayor hopeful Sadiq Khan tells The Sun today: “It is clear that Britain needs to take its head out of the sand and act to tackle extremism and radicalisation at home.

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