Witness: Teen Thug JUMPED THREE FEET HIGH on Head of Elderly Retired Cop in Baltimore Attack

A 71-year-old retired Baltimore police officer is in critical condition at Shock Trauma after a group of teen thugs viciously attacked him Saturday after he confronted the teens for messing with his truck while parked outside a bar he was attending.

Baltimore Beating Police Photo WBAL
Screen grab from surveillance video shows four attackers surrounding elderly victim, image by Baltimore police via WBAL-TV.

The bar’s owner told WBAL the bar’s video surveillance camera caught the attack and shows one of the attackers jumping up “three feet high” and stomping on the elderly man’s head.


“”He had no regard for the man’s life,” the bar’s owner said of Howard. “None of them did.

“The bar’s owner said surveillance footage of the attack on the victim was so violent that he had a hard time watching it.

“”It didn’t look good at all,” the bar owner said. “I mean I’ve never seen somebody jump three feet in the air on someone’s head, and that’s the only place they hit the man.””

Allan Howard WMAR
Allan Howard, screen image via WMAR-TV.

Police said two males and two females were involved in the attack, all believed to be teens. Allan Howard, 16, turned himself in to police and is being charged with assault and attempted first degree murder, reported WMAR.

The victim initially confronted the teens after they were hanging around and on his pickup truck. He moved the truck and went back in the bar located on Pennington Avenue. Later the same group of teens started throwing rocks and bottles at the pickup, setting off its alarm and prompting the victim to go back outside. That is when he was set upon and savagely attacked.

WJZ-TV reported the Baltimore police commissioner visited the victim in the hospital Tuesday.

“Police Commissioner Kevin Davis calls it a senseless crime.

““Unacceptable. Disgusting, quite frankly, what they did to this man,” Davis said.

““We are all one big family so when one of us is suffering or hurt, or in this case is a victim of a brutal, vicious crime, it’s my job to check on them,” he said.””

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