White Reporter Racially Profiled By WHITE #BlackLivesMatter Activist

By Adam Sharp

On Friday October 23, 2015, Black Lives Matter groups from around the country held rallies for “Anti-Police Brutality Day”.

I attended the St.Louis rally as a journalist for The Gateway Pundit website in order to gather video and report on any newsworthy action that may have taken place.


Predictably the chanting at this rally became violent and homophobic toward police.

A full report and video from that portion of the rally can be seen here.

The other story on this rally is just as interesting.

I arrived 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the rally and waited quietly for the “action” to begin.

With in 5 minutes I was approached by a Black Lives Matter activist that identified himself as “Mike Lotek” who instantly accused me being responsible for the rash of church burnings on the city’s north side.

Lotek: “You haven’t been burning the churches on the northside have you?”

Sharp: “What the hell kinda question is that?!? Have YOU been burning the churches on the northside?”

Lotek: “No I have not.”

Sharp: “I Guess I have just as much reason to suspect you, right? Why would you ask me that question?”

Lotek: “Why are you here, You know the police are around a lot and it’s a national day against police brutality and you’re here looking suspicious.”

Sharp: “So I look like an arsonist to you?”

Lotek: “Yeah you look like an arsonist”

Sharp: “Well YOU look like an arsonist to me.”

Lotek: “Look, I want us to be human beings.”

Sharp: “The first thing you do to a fellow human being is call them an arsonist?”

Lotek: “Yeah”

This allegation was of course rebuffed with the righteous indignation it deserved and the activist scurried back his his group of cohorts.

Minutes later while taking pictures of the messages the activists had scrawled on the sidewalk in chalk (FTP,”F*ck The Police” among them)
IMG_1791 I was approached by the same activist who explained to me that because I am a white man it is reasonable to profile me as an arsonist and a racist simply for existing.

Lotek: “Those are the types of things that become inferred when a white man is standing back here like this”

Sharp: “So it’s a race thing?”

Lotek: “Yes”

See the entire exchange below. Try not to hurt your brain while attempting to following his logic.

So much for judging each other by character not skin color.

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