Watch Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse A SPECIAL TAX ON WHITE PEOPLE (VIDEO)

Democrats sure are great at uniting America, aren’t they? Especially if you think our country will be united by pitting people of different races against each other.

Here’s how Hillary Clinton supporters responded to the idea of a special tax on white privilege.

The Independent Journal Review reported:


Check Out How Excited Hillary Supporters Get About This Cool New Tax for ‘White People’

A political humorist named Mark Dice took a camera to the streets of San Diego and decided to interview Hillary Clinton supporters, acting as if he was one of them.

He told them that Clinton planned on instituting a “white privilege” tax.

In other words, she planned on taking money from each and every Caucasian and distributing it among the other races.

Guess what? They not only bought it, they agreed with it.



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