VIOLENT CLASHES Break Out in Gaza and West Bank After Female Terrorist Is Shot in Afula (VIDEO)

Rioting and clashes broke out in Gaza and the West Bank Friday night after the shooting of a female Islamic terrorist.

The female terrorist was shot in Afula Friday morning.
The video was posted on social media.
(Warning on Content)

Palestinians screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” carried their dead and wounded in Gaza.


YNet reported:

Friday night was marked by widespread rioting in solidarity with Palestinians, and due to anger at the shooting a female terrorist across Arab towns in the north, Galilee, and the triangle area.

Dozens of youths, some masked, set fires to tires and threw rocks at security forces in Nazareth, while large quantities of Police were deployed to the scene. Multiple arrests were also reported in Sakhnin, while youths reportedly threw stones and clashed with police forces in Kfara Kanna.

A Police vehicle which arrived in Taybeh late on Friday was met with a hail of rocks and angry rioters.

Friday night was also marred by a spat of incidents in East Jerusalem. Palestinians threw firebombs at a border police force in the Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur. The troops identified a terrorist holding a firebomb which immediately threatened the force, and proceeded to open fire. The force identified a direct hit on the man’s leg.

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