VIDEO==>HuffPo Contributor: “Jihadists Are Using Global Warming As A Rallying Cry Against Us”


It’s becoming an epidemic. Radical Islamic terrorist groups are murdering thousands of Climate Deniers around the world. From beheadings to crucifixions, terrorists groups like ISIS have been committing Jihad in the name of Climate Change.

Except, that’s not what’s really taking place. But according to some on the Progressive left, Climate Change is the rallying cry, and direct cause, of Islamic Jihad.

Five months after President Obama claimed that Climate Change caused Jihad, and only four days after the United States National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, echoed the same propaganda, a former Democratic Party Senate candidate, and Huffington Post Contributor, has now jumped onto the Jihadi Climate train.

During a speech discussing the mental health effects of Climate Change, Dr. Lise Van Susteren stated that Islamic Jihadists are using Global Warming as a rallying cry against us:

“Jihadists are already using Global Warming as a rallying cry against us.”

Video below. Comment begins at 10:27:


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