VIDEO=> Thousands Cheer As Bernie Sanders Calls For “Transforming America” And A “Political Revolution”


If you’ve ever wondered if it was possible if an openly Socialist leader could attract thousands of Americans who would willingly cheer for the destruction of their own liberty, you now have your answer.

Democratic Socialist presidential candidate, Bernice Sanders is not shy about his beliefs. As a matter of fact he is very honest about his dreams to transform America by throwing a political revolution. But what should concern every real American, every person who values liberty and private property, is the disturbing trend of Sander’s ability to attract thousands of people who cheer at his every word.

During a campaign stop in Springfield, Massachusetts on Saturday, Bernie Sanders drew 6,000 people to the city’s MassMutual Center. Reminiscent of Socialist leaders of the past, thousands cheered as Sanders promised if he’s elected he, and they, will transform the United States:


Comment begins at 1:26:

“Some of the beltway establishment types were saying, “Who in America is prepared to stand up to the billionaire class and transform America?” (Crowd Cheers) Turns out there is a lot of people in Springfield, Massachusetts and across this country who are prepared to do exactly that.” (Crowd Cheers)

But some of the loudest cheering erupted from the crowd as Sanders repeated one of his campaign tag lines by calling for a “political revolution”:

Comment begins at 4:33:

“Let me tell you something else no other presidential candidate will tell you. It’s a simple truth. It’s a painful truth. That truth is no President of the United States, not Bernie Sanders or anyone else, can do what has to be done to rebuild the crumbling middle class in this country unless we have a political revolution.”

If the comments on the uploaded video are any indication, America is rife with the lovers of Socialism who’ve obviously flunked World History and are either ignorant of the tyrannical history of collectivism, or are naive enough to buy into the failed belief that this time Bernie will do Socialism “right”.

Video below:

(Image: Democratic Underground)

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