VIDEO=> Rudy Giuliani on Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony: This Seals the Case “She’s Lying”

giuliani hillary lying

Former New York City Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani weighed in on today’s Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton. Giuliani told Sean Hannity, “This seals the case… She’s lying.”

This seals the case. Before you didn’t know if she was incompetent or lying. Now you know she’s lying because they knew from the very, very beginning that this was a spontaneous attack, one they hadn’t prepared for, one they should have been prepared for. It happened on September 11th, Sean. My goodness… Hillary owns Libya. Her record of Secretary of State is incompetent and then lying for political purposes in order to cover up what’s happening.”

Of course she was lying.
Via Hannity:

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