VIDEO=> HUNDREDS of #BlackLivesMatter Protesters March in NYC Chanting “F*ck the Police!”

Hundreds of activists turned out today in New York City for the #RiseUpOctober march and rally.
The Rise Up October movement is a three day protest against police killings and brutality.
The rally was organized by local Communist leaders.
fight back protest

** Barack Obama supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

The rally was organized, with the help of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, by Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party and author and activist Dr. Cornel West.


Quentin Tarantino is marching the anti-police protesters today.
They are marching to Bryant Park in midtown.
tarantino march

The protesters were chanting “From New York to Greece, F*ck the Police!” for several minutes.
(Warning on language)

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