VIDEO=> Chairman Trey Gowdy Rips Democrats: Your Tactics “Infuriate Me” (VIDEO)

Boss Gowdy did it again!

Chairman Trey Gowdy ripped Democrats on the Benghazi panel earlier today for obstructing the investigation into the 9-11 massacre at the US Benghazi consulate.

This afternoon he did it again.
Gowdy blasted the Democrats who complained about the cost of the Select Committee.


“Madam Secretary I appreciate you going through their heroism. I truly do. It’s moving to hear from… And frankly it infuriates me to hear folks to my left who don’t raise a single whisper about spending $50 million to train five ISIS fighters but God forbid we spend one-tenth of that to give some answers to the family members sitting on the first row.”

This was epic.

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