VIDEO=> Cab Driver Describes Asian Men Who Knifed US Hero Spencer Stone

Sacreamento Cab Driver Describes the Asian Men who knifed US hero Spencer Stone.

French Train Hero Spencer Stone “Repeatedly Stabbed” Last Night in Sacramento.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Scarlatos spoke to reporters in AUgust after taking out the Islamic terrorist in the train from Belgium to France.
heroes spencer stone
U.S. Heroes speak with reporters in August after saving train passengers from Islamist terrorist.


Police said moments ago they were looking for TWO ASIAN MEN who are suspects in the stabbing!


A Sacreamento cab driver described the assailants to a local news channel.

Cab driver Kennedy Hailemariam said the Asian men who knifed US hero Spencer Stone also beat his female friend.
CBS Local reported:

It’s been a sleepless night for Kennedy Hailemariam. He says he can’t shake the image of Spencer Stone covered in blood out of his head.

When he offered to take the man who once helped thwart a suspected terrorist attack on a France-bound train to the hospital, he says he was blown away by how calm and collected he was after such a violent attack.

“I tried to ask him ‘Yo, yo!’ And the only thing he say, he say is ‘Call 911.’ That’s what he said,” he said.
Hailemariam watched Stone take on three men in the middle of one of Midtown’s busiest intersections.

“He knocked out one guy, and they tried to stop him, but he was down already,” he said. “The blood is coming like from everywhere.”

Surveillance video shows the men surrounding the 23-year-old Carmichael man who police say was out with four friends—a man and three women—when an argument turned physical and spilled onto 21st and K streets.

Hailemariam’s cab can be seen pulling into the shot where it was clear the airman was outnumbered.

You can tell that they’ve got a knife, you know what I mean. You can see that. Because, like, you know, once they, you know they do like this (moves his arm like stabbing) and blood comes out.

He describes the suspects as three short and stocky Asian men in their 30s, one of whom even attacked one of the women with Stone.

“She tried to protect him too but she got hit too. Like you know, big punch, like boom,” he said, gesturing to his mouth.

As first responders moved in, Hailemariam says Stone appeared to be losing consciousness as he laid down on the sidewalk.

Hailemariam is now looking into installing a dashcam in his taxi. He’s anxious knowing a Hometown Hero survived an attack overseas only to come home to another one.

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