VIDEO=> #BlackLivesMatter Mob Storms LA Mayor at Town Hall – SURROUND and JUMP ON His Car

Peaceful Protest–
Black Lives Matter activists stormed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti during a town hall with black community leaders on Monday night.
blm stomp car

The activists followed the Democratic Mayor outside and jumped on his car.

The activists climbed up and stomped on his car.
stomp car


The activists forced Mayor Garcetti to flee the town hall. reported:

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was forced to cut short a town hall meeting with the black community on Monday evening after it was disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors.

The meeting, at the Holman United Methodist Church, was attended by several hundred people, but several dozen activists interrupted repeatedly and forced Garcetti to flee. The LAPD had to disperse the crowd before he could depart, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The organizers of the forum urged the protestors to have a “civil conversation.” Instead, they chanted “”Black lives, they matter here!” and forced Garcetti to leave under police guard. NBC Los Angeles recounted: “Garcetti initially came to answer questions from citizens regarding economic opportunity and community safety before protestors began chanting. But the event quickly turned to chaos as Black Lives Matter protesters rushed the podium.”

The angry protesters surrounded the mayor’s call as he fled the meeting.

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