Unhinged Alabama Democrat ASSAULTS Reporter – TWICE – During Questioning (VIDEO)

Dothan city Commissioner Amos Newsome assaulted a reporter this morning when asked if he was considering resigning.

** City officials called on Newsome to resign last month after a third worker from his campaign was convicted of voter fraud.

Newsome may have won his election by fraudulent absentee ballots.


amos newsome
Amos Newsome

Newsome did not like the question and attacked the reporter – twice!


Newsome attacked the reporter as he left the building. Then he attacked him again in the parking lot. Newsome screamed, “Get!” as he swiped at the reporter in the face.

AL.com has more on the assault.

A picture posted by The Dothan Eagle shows Curtis with blood on his cheek.

Newsome was re-elected in 2013 on the strength of absentee ballots—of 124 cast he received 119, the station reported earlier this month.

Although Newsome hasn’t been charged with a crime, four people were arrested on charges of rigging the ballots to favor Newsome.

One of the four women, Lesa Coleman, in April was found guilty of seven counts of felony absentee ballot fraud.

Some fellow commissioners have said they want Newsome removed from office.

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