UN To Unveil New “Global Citizenship” & “Shared Responsibility” Statue In New York’s Central Park


The last time I read the words “shared responsibility” it was when I discovered that the Obamacare fine imposed by the IRS for failing to have health insurance was called the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment. While I thought this had to be a veiled reference to some Marxist dictator’s quote, it now appears that it has more to do with the Progressive globalization movement.

This weekend the United Nations is set to celebrate its 70th anniversary. As apart of those celebrations the U.N. will unveil a new work of art in New York City titled Enlightened Universe. The U.N. claims this new sculpture is all about Global Citizenship and Shared Responsibility:

“In celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations, a monumental art installation entitled Enlightened Universe will be unveiled on Saturday, 24 October, at 4:30 p.m. at the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park.  The installation — created by Spanish artist Cristóbal Gabarrón — is presented by The Gabarron Foundation in partnership with the United Nations.

The commemorative work of art depicts 70 life-size figures joined in hand around a central globe, creating a human chain of global citizenship, respect for nature and shared responsibility.  The sphere measures 6,371 millimetres in diameter to correspond to the Earth’s average radius of 6,371 kilometres.  The 70 figures represent the 70 years of the United Nations.”

Rumsey Playfield, where the sculpture is to be erected, is an area of the Central Park where concerts and other events are held.


Considering that the new United Nations Sustainable Development Plan calls for the United States to become a Socialist nation by 2030, it’s not surprising that Obamacare, which was designed to push the U.S. towards government run healthcare, and the United Nations, would “share” the same collectivist, albeit Marxist, vocabulary.

(Image: UN.org)

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