Turkey Blames #ISIS for Ankara Bombings – 128 Dead at Peace Rally (VIDEO)

Turkey Blames ISIS for Ankara Peace Rally Bombings
isis bombing ankara

128 people were killed in two blasts at a peace rally on Saturday in Ankara.

Turkish officials blamed ISIS for the deadly blast that injured 247 people.
The Daily Mail reported:


Two Turkish security sources claimed ISIS were behind the two explosions which killed up to 128 and wounded 247 more at a peace rally in Ankara yesterday.

‘All signs indicate that the attack may have been carried out by ISIL (ISIS). We are completely focused on ISIL,’ one of the sources said.

Earlier today, Turkish police fired tear gas to disperse mourners who were laying flowers at the site of Turkey’s deadliest ever terror attack.

The Queen has offered her ‘heartfelt sympathy’ to the Turkish people, saying she is ‘shocked and saddened’ by the attacks.

Thusands of mourners attended a rally Sunday.
mourners turkey isis
In mourning: Mourners marched towards a central square in Ankara today, chanting slogans against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who many hold responsible for the spiraling violence in Turkey. (Daily Mail)

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