Tortured Iraqi Priest Says Jihadis Would Ask for Sexual Advice Between Beatings (VIDEO)

Iraqi priest says jihadis would ask for sex advice between beatings.
father bazi
Father Bazi wants to tell his tale to highlight the horrors facing Christians in Iraq.

Father Douglas Bazi asks for help to end the genocide of Christians in Iraq. reported:


Father Douglas Bazi told that insecure jihadis begged him for words of wisdom over how to satisfy their wives as he lay battered and beaten in a dingy cell.

The clergyman was brutally tortured for nine days by al-Qaeda militants he claims were targeting Christian priests with the knowledge of the corrupt Iraqi government.

The sadistic fanatics knocked his teeth out with a hammer, broke his back and threatened to cut his head off and send it to his family.

But the peaceful priest revealed how his torturers were also wracked with insecurities and secretly turned to him as a spiritual leader when their superiors were not looking.

He told “During the day I was a spiritual father to them. They used to ask me questions, private questions. One of them asked me about what can I do with my wife she’s always picky, I told him you have to show her love.

“It was bizarre – I said to him I’m giving you advice on your love life but here I am in chains.”

The troubled priest was captured by Islamist militants in a planned raid as he made his way to a friend’s house after taking Mass in November 2006.

Two cars blocked off the road before gun-toting jihadis dragged him from his vehicle, threw him in the boot and sped off.

The fighters – who Father Bazi says were wearing Iraqi government uniforms and had access to state police cars and ambulances – then began their campaign of torture as they attempted to secure a huge ransom payout from the church.

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