the danish girl

It’s blockbuster movie time and you know what that means, some leftist social agenda is coming to a theater near you.

This year, it’s all about lesbians and transgender people, who only make up about a single percentage of individuals in the entire country. Take a look at the movie previews you’ll be seeing on your TV in the coming months:

This year, though, Hollywood is back to its usual social engineering self of making films that serve as an agenda to tell those of us deemed as ‘intolerant’ that we are, in fact, the scum of the earth.

Take for instance Elle Fanning’s new role in a film called About Ray, which glamorizes teenage transgenderism as a completely normal aspect of growing up. Of course wack-job Susan Sarandon is in the film. What’s a leftist social agenda movie without Susan in all her environmentalist and man-hating glory?

Then there is The Danish Girl coming out later this year staring Eddie Redmayne (a great actor by the way) playing early 20th Century transgender artist Lili Elbe. Yet another film designed to outcast anyone who dare say that they do not understand transgenderism, which is even an issue that a portion of the gay community does not understand.

More pandering to the trans community like it is the Civil Rights movement of our time. No surprise there.

Image: (SBS)

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