Taliban Rapists in Kunduz Targeted Women’s Shelters for Domestic Abuse Victims

Taliban rapists targeted women’s shelters for domestic abuse victims in Kunduz province.
taliban fighters

Taliban fighters took control of the capital of Kunduz province last month.
Khaama reported, via Religion of Peace:

New testimonies have emerged regarding the Taliban violence, particularly against women, in the provincial capital of Kunduz province which was overrun by the group late last month.

Methodically targeting a host of female rights workers and journalists just hours after seizing control of the city, are the latest testimonies emerged recently.

The barbaric killing of a close relative of a local female radio host is one of the latest testimonies emerged after the Afghan security forces retook the control of the city last week.

According to the female radio host who spoke on the condition of anonymity , a group of Taliban insurgents knocked her door, saying “We know a woman in your house works in an office.”

“When my uncle denied it, he was taken outside and shot dead. His body lay in the streets for days — no one dared to go out and get it,” she told AFP.

Besides the target killings, rape or sexual assault, kidnappings, the Taliban militants included attack on women’s shelters as one of their main targets.

Such shelters give refuge countrywide to runaway girls, domestic abuse victims and those at the risk of “honour killings” by their relatives, which the Taliban have often denounced the shelters as dens of “immorality” and labelled the women who seek shelter there as “sluts”.

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