SURPRISE! Obama Won’t Meet With AHMED THE CLOCK BOY At the White House UPDATE: They Did Meet (PHOTO)

Obama invited Ahmed the Clock Boy to the White House but suddenly won’t have time to meet with him personally. Could it be because Ahmed was recently photographed meeting with a genocide leader?

Charlie Spiering of Breitbart reports:

Obama Shies Away from Meeting ‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed Mohamed

It appears that President Obama may not meet personally with Texas student Ahmed Mohamed at tonight’s Astronomy Night at the White House, according to White House aides.

“I don’t believe that the president will have the opportunity to meet with meet one-on-one with Ahmed Mohamed,” Earnest confirmed during the White House press breifing. He explained to reporters that there would be “several hundred” students and teachers and scientists attending the event.

Mohamed still plans to join the group of children who attend the evening event, but he might not end up with a photograph with the president. Obama is expected to deliver remarks at the event, but will not likely remain for the duration of the event.

Someone at the White House obviously figured out that it might look bad for Obama to pose with a kid who just met with a wanted war criminal.


UPDATE: They did meet, see the tweet below:

What a great message to send.


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